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An Overcast/Cloudy Day for swimmng lessons

For some odd reason it was overcast and partly cloudy today in Temecula this morning. So I decided to bring my camera along with my 70-200mm F/2.8 lens at my kids Swimming lessons and this is what I got out of it...Wow how I love this lens and what a perfect day to capture the moment!. ">

Perfect time to take your photo "Golden Hours"

Just a thought and recommendation: It is always a good idea to take your photo before sunrise or after sunset. If you must take photo during the day with the harsh sunlight, always consider to do in the shade and make sure to have your reflector or flash to fill in your shadows. Another perfect day would be during a Cloudy days. I love taking photos on a cloudy day, it gives you more of an even lighting all around and not so harsh on your face.

The Stamas family and Christine's Senior Graduation Portraits

I had such a fun time capturing the Stamas' family portraits as well as capturing Christine's graduation photos. They had such a great time laughing and being silly in the same time. It was fun for me and my husband seeing such a happy and gorgeous family together. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to capture your special moment. ">
Today, I'm going to photograph my daughter's kindergarten class for their "graduation" headshot portrait.. This will be fun to see them with a graduation cap. Can't wait