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Tips on how to take photos of your kid/s

Okay, so we were in Lake Tahoe over this summer..I wanted to take some gorgeous shots of my kids. Some turned out really cute...but I also had tons of them that turned out NOT so cute. Hence, they were not in the mood of taking pictures after they just had breakfast that morning. So, I was being pushy and saying smile, say "cheese" even though they were not too happy with me at that time I figured what the heck. I wanted to take photos before we went out to our adventure that day. I thought what a beautiful setting outside, lots of trees and just gorgeous place. I found out that taking the most extraordinary SHOT is being Patient, talk to them like you are having a regular conversation. Make jokes, laugh at each other. Just have that camera ready to click because any second now you'll get that special moment shot...Kids being KIDS....smiling naturally and not being forced of smiling into the camera. I'll upload some pictures later of some great ones and ones that …