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Make up and beauty finds.

So I just wanted to share with you that I have been shopping crazily for make up, foundations, brushes, blushes, bronzers etc..I wanted to share my experience so far and opinion. And what I think the best one that worked for me. I recently purchased Make up Forever foundations, Lancome, Revlon and Mac.  I have been a Mac users since high school and have been very happy with  Mac, but with my oily face, I'm always in search for a new and Matted foundation with full coverage.   I tried the Mat and Velvet MUFE, as well as the HD foundation along with the powder foundation Duo Mat and Pro Finish.  I do like the Mat & Velvet better than the HD in their liquid foundation.  I felt like it lasted longer without having to put more power on top.  With Mac, I felt like my face would be oily within a few hours, and I was touching up constantly maybe 3-4 times a day.  Although, I like the fact that Mac has a lot of foundation color to choose from, they have one that's closer to my skin…

Shopping for Christmas?


IPhone 5s Tilt Lock IOs 7.0.3

Okay so for those of you that just got your Iphone 5s, I had trouble getting my "tilt Lock" unlock.. It's actually really simple. All you have to do is swipe your finger up from the home button, just like you would if you were turning on your flash light, it's in the same window, top corner of that home page. So there you have it.

Great water Bottle to use for workout.