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Halloween Mini Session

Come out and play with us.

Sunrise and Sunset in October 2012

October 2012 Temecula, California, USA Latitude, Longitude: 33 30.1' N, 117 07.7' W Time zone: -8:00 (Pacific) DST observance: North America Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 Sunrise: 6:43am Sunset: 6:34pm 2 Sunrise: 6:44am Sunset: 6:32pm 3 Sunrise: 6:44am Sunset: 6:31pm 4 Sunrise: 6:45am Sunset: 6:30pm 5 Sunrise: 6:46am Sunset: 6:28pm 6 Sunrise: 6:46am Sunset: 6:27pm 7 Sunrise: 6:47am Sunset: 6:26pm Last quarter moon8 Sunrise: 6:48am Sunset: 6:24pm Last Qtr: 12:34am 9 Sunrise: 6:49am Sunset: 6:23pm 10 Sunrise: 6:49am Sunset: 6:22pm 11 Sunrise: 6:50am Sunset: 6:20pm 12 Sunrise: 6:51am Sunset: 6:19pm 13 Sunrise: 6:52am Sunset: 6:18pm 14 Sunrise: 6:52am Sunset: 6:17pm New moon15 Sunrise: 6:53am Sunset: 6:15pm New Moon: 5:04am 16 Sunrise: 6:54am Sunset: 6:14pm 17 Sunrise: 6:55am Sunset: 6:13pm 18 Sunrise: 6:56am Sunset: 6:12pm 19 Sunrise: 6:56am Sunset: 6:11pm 20 Sunrise: 6:57am Sun…

Landscape Photography

Did you know that there are Three styles of landscape photography and are recognized - representational, impressionistic and abstract.

Joe and Nao

What a fun day this was at Huntington Beach. I had a great time capturing Joe and Nao's 10th Year Wedding Anniversary family portraits! What a cute family and such a happy couple. Their kids pretty much giggled, played, ran the WHOLE time, they were having so much fun chasing the waves all around. I loved all their energy.

Tip for Landscape Photography

Quick tip for landscape photography:
One or more foreground objects will give the impression of three-dimensionality, and can help to frame the scene. Depth is achieved by combining foreground, middle ground and background objects.

Halloween mini Session

Fall is just about here and that means it’s time for HALLOWEEN!!

Halloween Mini Sessions are here and they are only $25 and includes a 10-15 min. session Per Family of up to Four,
5 edited images on a CD with release copyright and digital gallery hosted on my website at

Payment is due when booking to guarantee your time slot. (Cash/Check/Credit Card are all accepted
) Session fee is due at time of booking to reserve your spot. Sign up today to reserve your session by emailing Gina at

Photos will be ready just in time for Halloween so you can share with your family and friends!

We can’t wait to see the kiddos all dressed up!!!

Two session on Oct. 21st and Oct. 28th.

Location will the Pumpkin patch

Geraldine's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Such a fun day this turned out to be...Photo shoot and lunch out with Geraldine. Can't wait to do another boudoir shots.!i=2049966087&k=cwxxr76

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